PALETA NI TOMASINO (A Collaborative Exhibit)


With the dawning of a new millenium, "Artiste Camaraderie" of Visual Art among UST Painting students grouped themselves for a collaborative exhibit tagged as "Paleta Ni Tomasino". It was held on the 22nd of January 2000 at Gallery 27 Roces situated along Roces Avenue, Quezon City in front of Amoranto Stadium.

These young Thomasian artists showcased a variety of 81 artworks. Their revolutionary concepts and techniques were aptly described as "unorthodox savoir faire". Their first public exhibit, which aimed to unify their bold artistry for social awareness and self expression, turned out to be a success. They were characterized as cunning artists in competitive world of art. By reiterating themes and rhapsodizing almost all styles, they managed to curve a niche for themselves. For some, it was their first step to move farther and bring themselves apart from the rest by appreciating everyone's virtuoso. But for many, it was a single step that could change the way of the naïve envisions art as a tamed reflection of reality.

PALETA NI TOMASINO is composed of: Aldo Aguilar, Alexie de Torres, Angela Adamat, Angelo Baldemor, Angelo Saludez, Armando Santos, Aylmer Malavega, Bernard Peña, Brenda Praico, Carl Lopez, Cecille Oliveros, Charles Daza, C.J. Tañedo, Donna Marie Ira, Eric Soriano, Felix Garcia, Felix Petel Jr., Frances Mendoza, Franz Madriaga, Gilchrist Tan, Isa Muñoz, Jaime Cambi, James Zaballa, Jason Tanjuakio, Jeric Concepcion, Jeffry Belen, Jhoanna Resari, Jimmy Candari, Joel Bodegon, Joel Cordova, John Paul Hornedo, Joselito Soriano Jr., Joseph Mauricio, Josue Penilla, Julio Austria, Kent Mendoza, Lawrence Borsoto, Lawrence Memije, Leida Austria, Louie Cabognason, Margaritha Alarte, Marco Coching, Mark Matabilas, Mark Obsequio, Martin Sacramento, Michael Logaring, Micaela Labitoria, Michelle Lim, Minette Caraig, Mira Pelegrin, Nonie Cruzado, Patrick Neil Santiago, Pedro Bucod, Rachelle Lamano, Roel Membrado, Rogin Tallada, Rona Apistar, R.T. Tioleco, Reli de Vera, Ryan de Guzman, and Ryan Pavia.

Paleta Ni Tomasino was conceptualized and handled by the Painting Department professors.

story by: Roel Membrado (Vision Magazine issue no.35 vol II)

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