ritwal2Ritual is a system of solemn ceremonial act, as defined in the dictionary. But for the students of Painting 2-1, "Ritwal" is more than a system, it is more than an act, it actually has a lot to do with art and expression and the whole class teaming up to bring out the product of their creative minds into open. The group which is composed of 46 students, held their first exhibit entitled "RITWAL: UNANG PAHID". Their main purpose is for the group to be familiarized with exhibitions and expositions, which goes hand in hand with being an artist.

The sophomore students of painting because of its definition quality adopted the title "RITWAL: UNANG PAHID". It depicts how they see their first step to the evident world of painting, their first exhibition of the products of their liberated minds. For them, art ha no bounds, no limitations and it is more of self-expression. It is the time when young painters experiment with their styles and that there is no correct or incorrect, there is no beauty or ugliness and where there is always a room for learning and improvement.

There are 99 artworks in the exhibit makin use of different mediums from the light sketches of pencil and ink to the classic touches of oil, acrylic and watercolor. With subjects ranging from landscapes to still life, from celebreties to cartoon characters. The products of their imaginations are limitless. Several other exhibits of the same artists might follow this first exhibit; but the first time always comes out the most memorable.

story by: Melanie Ann Bauzon (Vision Magazine issue no.34 vol I)

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